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Every month, we shed light on new creators and offer them the possibility to showcase their work in the heart of Brussels. Come push open the door of our typical Brussels home. The team will joyfully tell you more about the designers on display and the story of their clothing. We source our partners very carefully and favour those whose approach promotes a more ethical, sustainable and conscious fashion. We’re more than retailers; we’re builders. We love developing strong ties between people and gathering them around meaningful events, workshops and creative encounters.


Belgium is a goldmine of talents but the gems are often hidden and hard to find. Our mission is to offer better visibility to Belgian fashion and help gifted designers meet their audience. We also advocate for the slow movement and invite our guests to slowing down their life’s pace. We empower individuals to feel good in what they wear and inspired by what they see by bringing to the forefront the best of Belgian fashion designers and their unique clothes and accessories. We promote the work of creators by offering them exposure in the centre of Europe and the possibility to meet with the customer. We truly believe in slow living and offer workshops and space to unwind, care for yourself and connect with others.



We support the local economy and empower consciously owned businesses. We focus on the good and believe that everybody can have an impact. Change is now and starts with every one of us but no one said that the journey shouldn’t be fun and enjoyable. That's why, we create a vibrant gathering place to ignite bright ideas, fuel inspiration and guide you in your creative pursuit.


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