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Suami summer vibes

It was a sunny day in Thailand – the kind we can only dream about right now – when Kelian tore his swimming trunks and realised how hard it was to find a pair he liked.

He jumped right into that gap in the market, and chose for a completely European production line. (But that is not yet the best part.)

Warm pastel colours, floral designs and nice golden detailing with a luxury feel… Suami makes you dream of the summer ahead. The beachwear line offers some colourful pieces for men, women and children.

The pieces are made to last, with durable textiles. The designs are hand drawn, and thus unique to the brand. (Still not the best part!)

In fact, Kelian uses materials made from plastics recycled from the ocean! This fun-loving young designer not only decreases plastic waste in our seas with every piece he creates, he also donates €1 to the Ocean Clean Up project for every item sold.

Once a year, his team and he also go to help a team of fishermen that collect plastic waste from our oceans. Kelian has created the first ever eco-friendly designer beach wear, made in Belgium… hurrah !

Forget about the grey day outside… Show your love for the oceans with Suami swimwear and the seas will love you right back!

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