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We care about what you wear

We care about what you wear! Yes, you read that right, and we think that you should care too!

Why? Well, join us for a free event on saturday, April 29th 2023, at the LOKAL Concept Store (Rue des Eperonniers 18, 1000 Brussels) to find out! Come, have a drink and join our discussions. Find out what it means to care about fashion and how you can use your citizen voice to help change the industry.

More information down below

A collaboration between LOKAL Concept Store, Thinking Threads and Matunda.

The event will happen in 2 sessions

MORNING SESSION (11-13.30) Talks over a cup of coffee or tea. Our speakers will guide you through the ideas of caring, personal action, and engaging with politics in the fashion industry. Here is the plan:

  • Intro

  • Aura, founder of LOKAL Concept Store: The idea of caring about fashion

  • Tena from Thinking Threads: Why is fashion political

  • Cass from The Green Fix: Individual vs. collective action

AFTERNOON SESSION (17.00-19.00) An expert panel discussion about activism, workers' rights, and citizen role in the fashion industry. During the afternoon, we will serve free cocktails and mocktails provided by Matunda Drinks. Our pannellists:

  • Delphine Williot, Policy & Campaigns Manager, Fashion Revolution

  • Sanna Abdessalem, AchAct Belgium

  • Dinie van den Heuvel, Sustainability Lead, Infantium Victoria

Moderator: Tena from Thinking Threads So, hurry up & reserve your spot by clicking the button below! Places are limited!

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