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Mass Lee: jewellery from the garden of Eden

“Dear Eden” is a collection of jewellery inspired by the lockdown. What?

Suddenly, our normal world was upside down, and our usual behaviours became impossible.

The things we do normally - go out, see friends…- became like a forbidden fruit.

The idea of the forbidden fruit inspired Mass Lee to design a jewellery collection that looks like it is handpicked and collected from the garden of Eden.

A golden twig is bent into a bracelet. Tulips, dandelions and lilacs dangle from ears and necklaces. Dew drops and organic shapes are turned into everlasting wearable jewellery.

Mass Lee is made up of 2 women (Korean and Finnish) that found their way to Belgium to study at the Royal Academy of Arts. Their approach to nature’s treasures is handmade in Antwerp and rendered in silver or gold-plated bronze. On demand, they will make your favourite piece in white/yellow/red or rose gold.

The Dear Eden collection will grow every spring with new pieces, just like nature has intended. Every winter, the women can focus on creating something entirely new. This way they can grow their garden year after year, but they are not limited in creativity. Mass Lee is not afraid of venturing into design, crafts and art as well.

Have a look at this visual storytelling through golden and silvery sparkling trinkets, collected from the garden of Eden.

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