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Holiday Outfit Look Inspiration

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

For Aura, the holidays have already been the best occasion to go through her closet, turn it upside down to find that dress, that top or skirt which will be perfect to dress up in for all the December get togethers with friends and family.

It is all these people, with whom she’s spent her year that have been her biggest inspiration - her enterprising grandmother, the extravagant friend, her conservative father. It was these very people who inspired LOKAL’s holiday wardrobe looks!

Thirteen collections, including knitwear, sportswear, jewelry, leather goods, scarves, hats from the designers we work with that close 2022 in our store.

Look 1.

A skirt at the waist, made in cork and cotton, comfortable by its flexible texture and at the same time voluminous by its cut, knitted top to keep warm, sleeveless to keep cool in the hottest events. Always a touch of color !

Look 2 .

The monochromatic look never fails, inspired by her practical grandmother who loved bringing colour to her wardrobe. Wide leg trousers from Moncol Anvers, a warm sweater from Janne Landuyt and comfortable boots from Atelier Content and accessories in the same tone from Comptoir d’Aure !

Look 3 .

Accessories make the difference, it was the great advice by a great friend, to this day when she wears denim, she adds accessories that sparkle, giving that touch of light for the evening. Mieke Dierckx's trademark Mini Briefcase Scale combined with the Congo-inspired silk plaid gives the chic touch to this versatile and elegant wardrobe !

Look 4 .

A classic folcky, high boots and long skirt, this time in light tones with a touch of micro blue with the mini briefcase by Mieke Dierckx, cotton skirt by Van M and leather boots by Atelier Content.

Look 5 .

We close this selection with the post party outfit, the tiredness arrives, the cold days that keep you at home, what better companion than a comfortable and soft Rectoverso full outfit. A cup of ginger tea to digest all the party !

Happy holidays and happy new year from the LOKAL team !

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