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Long, sleek, minimalist style, a piece orientated somewhere in between a long vest, a light coat and a wrap dress. Perfect for striding around town, occasionally posing by the sidewalk, and getting breakfast at Tiffany's. 

Realised in a dark chocolate cotton imperméable, sans sleeves, with seamless side pockets inviting busy hands for smooth catnaps. Comes with a thin, separate belt, accentuating your gorgeous hips and giving that essential extra leg-length when worn high up in the waistline. 


The 1001 Body Coat Long is uni-size and designed for all types, genders and shapes. It has a central outline of  144 cm and a length of 120 cm. 



YU.ME BXL produces its styles in small series or by pre-order. 

Working with limited stock is an important part of being sustainable in fashion, to avoid leftovers and minimize pressure on the production lines. All pieces are produced in Brussels, by socio-professional reintegration ateliers, functioning as a platform for education and employment for professionally challenged people in the city. Production time will take on average about 2 weeks. 



Cotton imperméable - (high) end of stock 

Composition: Cotton mix

Care: dry-clean

Body Coat Long - Chocolate Cotton Imperméable


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