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The fashion revolution

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I still remember the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013. A huge old factory building in Bangladesh collapsed on top of its 5000 workers. More than 1100 of them died in the rubble, over 2500 were injured.

The people working in that dangerous building, were working for some of the biggest fashion brands selling here in Europe.

The consequences of this awful event were unfortunately very limited in our consumer behaviour. But it was what made two women kickstart a new movement, called The Fashion Revolution.

Their goals are to end human and environmental exploitation in fashion. They want craftsmanship valued, and a culture of transparency to grow in the clothing industry. They have been successful at pressuring brands and informing a large public. The movement keeps growing in numbers!

We, at LoKal, are trying to contribute to this Revolution in our way: we aim to be more than a clothing shop. We are a platform for local designers, to help them reach an audience. In our cosy little shop in Brussels, we connect you with brands that share the same philosophy: no third world working conditions, but sustainable materials, and an ethical approach to production.

We change our suppliers regularly. We try to give as many local designers as possible their moment in the LoKal sun, and we always take the time to introduce them.

The people behind the Fashion Revolution try to make us question: Who made our clothes?

This inspires us to tell you, every time. Who made your clothes!

Come and have a look at the selection of brands we represent.

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