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Introducing Lokal Home ✨

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

A carefully curated collection of home decor items that will help you design your dream home that reflects your personality.

Lokal Home is conceived by two Brussels based women entrepreneurs 🙌🏽

Violeta, an interior decorator and stylist and Aura, the founder of Lokal concept store. Born out of their shared passion for creating beautiful spaces that tell a story, their focus is to work with local artists that create unique, upcylced, ethically made lifestyle and home decor pieces.

Welcome to discover local interior designers :

- Anemone Perrine Cortvrint - Handmade Rugs

- Plankgoed Goedele Pauwelyn - Artisanal Wooden Boards

- Sakatoo Isabelle Baledda - Création Textile

- Al.readymade Arianna Razzano - Embroidery on 2nd Hand Goods

- Hank Brussels Charlyne Vangansbeck - Handmade Home Objects

- Design for Resilience Vanessa Colignon - Natural & Compostable Products

- VIAU Violeta & Aura - Vintage & Second Hand Curation

Open Doors & Vernissage 10th of June 15h / Free Entrace

Showroom open Fridays and Saturdays from 10th of June till 10th of July

Appointments are on demande on weekdays

Contact us : + 32 (0) 470 59 87 13

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