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Lingerie Inspired by Art

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Under thy skin is the only lingerie brand currently on the hangers in LoKal.

That means it is, as usually, sustainably designed, with end of stock / recycled materials and

produced locally.

What really sets Under Thy Skin apart, however, is not that. It is lingerie that is inspired by art:

Be it literature… -see how the sensuous and censored poems of Baudelaire are reflected in her collection ‘Evil Flowers’-

Or paintings… -the city of Ghent commissioned her dreamy collection of Van Eyck inspired pieces!-

Or just the beauty of everyday life, and everyday women. The brand carries 7 sizes and

celebrates diversity and perfect imperfections.

Neri De Meester creates delicate looking pieces that are more than just underwear. Wearing Under Thy Skin is like wearing poetry.

#lingerie #underthyskin #sustainablefashion

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