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Le Maroc, territoire de traditions

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Some honor it for its cuisine, others for its architecture or for its crafts.

For me the first time visiting the country was in 2021, in Marrakech, and one year later in Fez, while working as a photographer.

I have always been attracted by the culture and generosity that emanates from this country.

In both cities I visited, both Marrakech and Fez, I noticed a clear difference between the atmosphere in the city and in the heights of the Atlas.

In Marrakech as in Fez, when you arrive in town, the tone is set by the horns of cars and mopeds trying to make their way at all costs.

As you go down the alleys of the souks, you discover dozens of colorful stalls full of local

products and crafts held by sellers with catchy phrases.

From one neighborhood to another, you can admire different but yet typical architectural buildings, the large doors that separate the corners of the city, the corner of the tanners, the corner of the upholsterers, or those who work with metal.

When you climb to the heights of the Middle Atlas, it is a real change of scenery. We move away from the hubbub and we feel the calm, the more rustic and authentic side of the natives who live at a different pace.

It is thus, this double facet of the country that I wanted to share in this series of prints.

By Perrine Pohier

First event of our Series “Create to Inspire”

Our guest & In-House photographer Perrine Pohier will be exhibiting the contrasting sceneries between the big cities of Marrakech/Fez and the majestic mountains of Atlas.

Date : 23 of June

Hours: 17H till 19H30

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