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Karen Dumoulin

A new player has entered the stage of local sustainable fashion!

Karen Dumoulin established her own label just 2 years ago in April 2019.

She creates sober and elegant, beautiful fashion tot works for everyone.

You will never be just one of many, when wearing this brand. Not because it is a young label, but also because Karen chooses to create only a few pieces of every design. Most are completely unique!

Another reason for that is that she creates with surplus and waste materials. Karen Dumoulin takes leftover pieces of fabric and turns them into fashionable pieces that everyone will love.

What is her story?

Her life reads as a love story for textiles: she started out studying fashion but switched to studying textiles. She worked for a visual artist, and with fashion studios. She travelled the world, seeing new patterns and fabrics in distant corners of the world, such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and China.

Each step on the road either inspired her with ideas for design or gave her the experience of working with other visionaries.

Finally, the time was right for her to go and express her own creativity.

The results are completely wearable pieces of linen, jersey silk that feel like a summer’s breeze on your skin.

Lokal is proud to have a local designer on the shelves that chooses to work with surplus and waste material turned into your unique sustainable wardrobe pieces.

As she says it herself: the pieces are to be worn, and to be loved, for a long time.

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