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Janne Landuyt’s geometric knits

What sets Janne Landuyt’s knitwear apart? They are unique pieces? Well, so are other collections in our shop.

She knits in her atelier in Limburg? Lokal supports local all the way.

Mohair, cotton, and wool carefully selected in Italy? Local or European production is what we insist on.

But rather than working from a design sketch, Janne prefers pouring her ideas straight from her head into her knitwear. No pencil is involved; this lady is creating from scratch. No designs, just taking a seat behind her knitting machine.

What can you see in the results?

Beautiful shapes, quality knits… and you won’t find a single decorative shape perfectly balanced in the centre.

Janne Landuyt grew up inheriting a love for geometry and asymmetry from the paintings of her mother.

What’s more, if you look out for them, you can find subtle references to the architecture of her atelier building in her designs. Can you spot them?

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