Eco candles to brighten up the dark winter days

Want to brighten someone’s day during these dark months?

The perfect gift comes in the shape of an ecological, non-toxic candle.

‘Gerhilde Maakt’ creates perfumed candles out of soy or rapeseed wax. This wax burns slower than regular paraffin -which is also bad for the air quality around you-, making these candles a double win!

Apple blossom, lavender, bergamot, jasmin or green tea… The offer will have something for everyone.

Homemade in Berchem, Antwerp by Gerhilde, a creative enthusiast with a simple life motto: “Smile every day and be kind to one another.”

For us, receiving a scented candle definitely did the trick for the day!

#biodegradablecandles #candlescents

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