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Charlotte Thomas: vibrant comfy sweaters to stand out!

Lokal would like your special attention to introduce to you: Charlotte Thomas, a young and

playful designer from Brussels.

She started out studying graphic design at the LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. Wandering around in the facility one day, she discovered the textile department. It was the beginning of a love story between Charlotte and tactile textiles.

As she loves both graphic design and textile art, she melted them together to create something new and unique: her collection of sweaters with graphic and bold shapes, and asymmetrical colour patterns.

It’s like a game to her: she takes a shape -like a letter- and uses it as an abstract form to construct a sweater with. The mix results in a vibrant clash of colours and shapes.

It’s hard to stereotype her pieces as masculine or feminine. All you can really say is they are playful, colourful and original, without overpowering an outfit.

Charlotte Thomas cooperates with a small family in Courtrai for production. The sweaters are composed of 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic, and sometimes a dash of cotton.

“A big plus for me? Finally, this is a woollen sweater that is made to be tossed in the washer; as recommended by the creator!”

Model: Bryan Louis

Photography and Styling: Paule Josephe

#CharlotteThomas #textil #grafic #design

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