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The story of Lokal

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Hi I am Aura! Founder of Lokal Concept Store, boutique located in the Spoormakersstraat, right next to the Grand Place, Brussels.

I take advantage of this beautiful summer day to greet all of you have been following us since the beginning of our Lokal journey as well as our new members.

Born in Colombia, in the middle of the cordilleras at an attitude of 2650m, I am a student of Political Science and International Relations. I began my career as a foreign trade officer for an automative multinational corporation.

It was when I moved to Argentina for work and visited my friends independent jewelry making workshop, was I exposed to the world of craftsmanship and design. What started with an interest soon developed into a passion for all things made traditionally with a respect for slow made manufacturing, local culture, craftsmanship and environment.

6 years back work brought me to Belgium where I finally decided to quit my job and pursue my passion and do something more creative and meaningful. To learn more about the city of Brussels as well as Belgium, I studied to become a tour guide for Spanish speakers to introduce the Belgian culture to them as well as immerse myself in it.

It was 2 years back when covid hit that I realized it was time to pursue my entrepreneurial journey. I combined all my passions of art, travel, fashion, decor, craftsmanship and history to create a physical space called Lokal Concept Store.

Lokal is a space for design, creativity and conversations. It has represented 40 independent designers from different origins who are based in Belgium. What brings these designers together is their vision to create something conscious, sustainable and fashionable. At Lokal you can find fashion that has been conceived with a respect for the environment and is made locally.

My experience of having lived in different countries, cultures and environments left a mark on me regarding the massive consumption in society today. I decided to go back to my roots to a time with my grandparents where consumption was conscious, zero waste and handmade. My experience puts me in a unique place to bring together the different elements of crafts, design, culture and community to create a space where we can all share our experiences.

I look forward to welcoming and meeting you at Lokal ❤️

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